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Most people have anxiety about visiting their dentist. The anxiety usually has to do with fear of pain, out of pocket expenses or confidence that the proper treatment will be rendered.

Dentists have the advantage that after they meet the patient they can addresses these issues and develop a pleasant relationship.

No treatment would have to be completed on the initial visit unless it was a dire emergency.

With oral surgery we do not have the luxury of knowing our patient, the fear level is higher since they are being referred for surgery, out of pocket expenses are even more of an issue since some procedures are allowed under their medical policies and some under their dental policies. Many times the appointment is an emergency where the patient is insignificant pain.

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"My daughter needed to pull out her wisdom teeth ASAP and get back to College since I recently changed my insurance I had to find a new dentist that would take my coverage and had an available appointment in a short time frame. I found Dr. Biondo and made the appointment. I then researched him and became alarmed Once I read his reviews. I started looking for other dentist found a few made appointments however they wanted to do consultations and after schedule my daughter for surgery but needed to be serviced right away qnd this Dr. Was willing so against my better judgment I went to the appointment with Dr. Biondo and thank God I did. Let me just say I have a phobia of dentist But today I've never felt so comfortable in any dentist office as I did today with this dentist. He was polite , Professional, Experienced gentle knowledgeable thorough calming And simply put the best dentist we have ever gone to. This just goes to show you That you cannot believe everything you read on the Internet sometimes you have to experience things yourself and be your own judge. I am really sure why this dentist would ever get a bad review because not only did he do an excellent job on my daughter but he called when we got home to see how she was feeling while I was there he had a patient come back for a post op and that patient was also very happy. My advice to you is to visit him yourself and make your own judgment but in my opinion he was amazing. I will be going back for future needs. "

Sherry A.

"Gingivitis is how I was introduced to Dr. Biondo. It was my primary Dr's suggestion to extract all my infected teeth (6) in order to make way for implants. Of course I was upset, hysterical and crying like a baby. When I went for the procedure the only thing that was discomforting was the fact that this had to be done. The Dr. was so professional and caring. Every step he took in the process was explained from the pain of the anesthetic needle to the pressure of pulling those stubborn teeth in the back. He was patient and made sure that I was comfortable each step of the way. "Do you feel any pain? Are you OK?" I have a high tolerance for pain medication and he made sure I didn't feel a thing. I'm also very impatient and wanted to get it over with! Please hurry up already!! However he took his time and made sure I was comfortable and NOT in any discomfort. I like Dr. Ronald Biondo very much as far as his care for his patients and knowledge of what he's doing. He's great for "scaredy cats" never knew I was one until now. He made it easier. Most of all!!! Take care of your teeth "

Donna M.

"I read these google reviews the night before my surgery to get 4 wisdom teeth removed and to be honest i was pretty nervous. it had been an ordeal to find an affordable surgeon though, so I decided to trust my dentist's recommendation, and I'm very glad I did. Dr Biondo was fantastic. he was very up front about the cost of the procedure, accepted my insurance, and was very understanding and considerate through the entire procedure. unlike the other reviewers, i didn't have to submit anything to insurance for reimbursement, i just had to pay my 50% share up front (which is how my insurance plan covers wisdom teeth). I'm sure it was mostly the laughing gas, but the procedure was actually an enjoyable process! Dr Biondo was very careful to explain everything he was doing in a very calm, conscious-of-the-patient's-anxiety kind of way. The pain afterwards was expectedly bad, but Dr Biondo was very responsive and reachable throughout the process which was really really nice. Highly recommend!"

Kyle Turgeon

About Dr. Ronald Biondo

I was born, raised and currently reside in Brooklyn, NY. I completed a JROTC program in High school, completed all of my education and training in New York City and had several part time jobs in many fields over the years.

This experience and training puts me in a unique position to understand the concerns of a broad variety of patients.

I personally address the proposed treatment, finances, past experiences and anxieties during the initial 60 minute consultation.

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Our goal is for you to leave our office with a memorable and enjoyable experience, which is why our welcoming and compassionate staff will do everything they can to make you feel right at home.

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